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I have tried to do it on

I have tried to do it on Drupal 7.
This tutorial did'nt work for me. I have enabled all my themes, assigned permissions and UI settings.
The Edit page shows only one option: don't switch the theme
Could you update this tutorial for 7.x-1.0 version?

Great project! Awsome idea! Thanks

You're right. The tutorial

You're right. The tutorial targets ThemeKey 6.x.

Using ThemeKey 7.x on Drupal 7 you have to configure the "Selectable Themes" at "/admin/config/user-interface/themekey/settings/ui" additionally.

Hi, I would like to know some


I would like to know some more information about using this module it looks really amazing. I searched for the documentation/ Tutorials but only found how to setup the Theme Switching Rule Chain but i dont know how to configure/settings part of the module. Please help me here ..,

I am using two themes for a website with multiple books in it. I want to display different themes for different books when anonymous user flips over to different books it should automatically change to the concerned theme. how can I achieve this using this module

expecting your guidance

Thanking you in advance

@vignesh: see my comment on

see my comment on

In my D7 I have added a

In my D7 I have added a rule:

Change theme for node:type=blog to garland.

All themes are made selectable.

When I navigate to nothing happens.

Please help!



Hallo, danke für die

danke für die Videomitschnitte. Hab leider wenig erkannt von der Leinwand des 2011 Vortrages, war leider alles verschwommen. Gibt es ein Videotutorial dazu zu kaufen, das mir Schritt für Schritt zeigt wie ich das Modul ThemeKey anwende, um ein mobiles Theme oder auch anderes Theme für Splittests zu erstellen in einem einzigen Drupal und dann zu switchen?

Ohne Schritt für Schritt Video - hab auch schon vergeblich bei YouTube gesucht - ist das für mich als Musikerin schwer umsetzbar, obwohl ich schon alle meine Seiten mit Drupal selbst gebaut habe.
Viele Grüße

How to create a flash intro

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